Welcome to Omnia Läkemedel AB

Omnia is a pharmaceutical wholesaler with a large portfolio of pharmacy and hospital lines.
Founded in 1998, Omnia today is a company enjoying strong growth with parallel-imported products in the portfolio. Omnia is located in Helsingborg in southern Sweden with its own regulatory and marketing management. Repacking of our products is performed by subcontractors both in Sweden and abroad.
Omnia’s vision is to become a prominent business partner in the Swedish pharmaceutical market by developing our parallel-distribution.


Development for the future

Parallel-import represents 12-14% of the Swedish Pharmaceutical market. Omnia has a large portfolio of parallel-imported pharmaceuticals and a strong position on the market. We are constantly developing our product portfolio.
Omnia aims to expand in this market and we are looking for new partners with interesting products and services to establish long term business relationship.


Quality and competence

Omnia employs committed and service-minded people. Competent staff is a foundation for Omnia’s business.
Omnia is a member of the EAEPC (European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies) and Läkemedelshandlarna in Sweden.


Financial stability

Omnia is a profitable company. The annual turnover is almost 100 MSEK (10 MEUR) and we have the highest possible credit rating (often called AAA) from UC. See www.uc.se for more information.

Our organization is characterized by a closeness to our business partners as well as a quick decision-making which allows us to quickly adapt to changes in the market.

Omnia can offer good access to the Swedish market through an extensive network of contacts which we have built over 15 years of parallel-distribution on the Swedish market.