Code of Conduct

Omnia Läkemedel AB shall conduct business in a way that creates value both for customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society at large. To achieve this requires good economic profitability, environmental stewardship and social commitment. Omnia works proactively for good business ethics, and strive for long-term and trusting relationships. A basic requirement for Omnia is to follow international conventions and national laws. This Code of Conduct describes the rules of conduct that guide the way we do business. The code applies to all Omnia’s employees and in order to fulfil our commitment we also require our suppliers to comply with the Code of Conduct.

Legal requirements

We respect applicable laws, regulations and industry practice covering human rights, child labour, wages, working hours, basic health and safety at work, freedom of association and the right to a written labour contract.

We comply with relevant environmental legislation and obtain all legally required permits, licences and registrations applicable for our business.

Corruption, in any form, is not accepted.

Child Labour (ILO Conventions 138 and 182)

We do not accept child labour. All of our employees are over the legal age for working and have completed compulsory education. We expect our suppliers to take necessary preventive measures to ensure that they do not employ child labour. Employees under 18 years old are not employed under hazardous conditions.

Forced labour (ILO Conventions 29 och 105)

Everyone whose work contributes to our business is treated with respect and dignity. We do not use forced, bonded, prison or compulsory labour.

Discrimination (ILO conventions 100 and 111)

We are an equal opportunity employer. We practice equal pay for equal work. We accept no discrimination on any ground.

Wages and working hours (ILO conventions 131 and 1)

All employees are paid at least legal wages, including overtime compensation when applicable. Wages are paid on time, in full and directly to the employee.

We respect the legal restrictions on overtime hours.

Freedom of association (ILO Conventions 87, 98 and 135)

We believe the organisation benefits from an active dialogue between the management and the employees. We welcome the employees to form unions and participate in collective bargaining. In countries where freedom of association is restricted we support the development of parallel means for dialogue.

Health and safety (ILO Conventions 187 and 164)

Our working environment is planned to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. All employees are provided with, and regularly trained on the use of, relevant protective equipment.


Within our sphere of influence we do our utmost to constantly improve the company’s environmental performance and to minimise negative impact on the environment due to our business. This includes handling, storing and disposal of chemicals, waste, waste water and emissions with potential negative impact on human or environmental health.
We work to reduce the environmental impact from transportation of pharmaceuticals and other goods.


We work proactively and transparently together with our suppliers to ensure the long term implementation of Omnias Code of Conduct. It is an essential part of our business plan and we support our suppliers in their efforts to integrate social- and environmental responsibilty in their management system.


We welcome Code of Conduct audits of our business, and we reserve the right to ourselves carry out Code of Conduct audits down our supply chain.

Violation of this Code of Conduct may impair the cooperation with Omnia Läkemedel AB.